Zine studio



Hosting a self publishing workshop for adults at Pier Arts Centre, Orkney


As part of my time at the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney, I ran a drop in zine making and self publication studio. We had examples of artists books and zines on hand to inspire, as well as materials for drawing, collaging and typewriting!

 A zine pronounced ‘zeen’ as in ‘magazine’ is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. Zines come in all shapes, sizes, topics, and formats.


As an antidote to commercial publishing, zines are usually swapped, gifted or sold for very little. They're an area where creative people can speak freely to an audience beyond the gallery. This makes the world of zines new and exciting, as well as challenging. 

Throughout the workshop we started and grew our own wee zine library. Participants could photocopy their creation, leaving a copy behind on our shelf display. Then, if someone likes the look of a book on the wall, they can photocopy it to take away, and leave their own work!